The logarithmic universe

I am a multimedia designer and when I am not working I like to keep my hand in by making little Flash toys at my personal site None of these are for commercial gain and are not associated with a company or even a site with any advertising. In short I just make them for the love of creating. I've got some artsy-fartsy stuff up there currently and thought that something with scientific merit would be a worthy addition.

To this end I thought that a Flash implementation of that famous Powers of 10 animation would be a useful investment of my time.

A mockup of the finished interface

An example of what the piece would look like in the final rendition. Navigation appears at the left and right sides while changing descriptions are at the top and bottom.

A technical test for Flash implementation

Just to make sure that the thing will actually work!

Next steps...

If you have any ideas or want to volunteer some photographs for the finished piece then please email me: