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Liam Final year undergraduate at Brighton University

Liam, 23, from Essex, has just paid off the debts he built up for the extensive dental treatment he needed after a night out that turned ugly.

"I'd just finished my final year exams at Brighton University and went out to celebrate with friends and we got drunk pretty early on in the evening. I was trying to keep up with the others drinking in rounds and ended up being in a pretty bad state compared to everyone else. Between bars, someone suggested a piggy back race up the road.

I thought it was a great idea at the time and my flatmate (who is several stone heavier than me) jumped on my back.

I think I managed about three steps forward before falling flat on my face – unable to break my fall, and with my flatmate's weight on top of me.

I took most of the impact from the pavement in my mouth, but didn't feel anything at the time because of the alcohol, but I'd lost seven teeth and was covered in blood. I then spent the next few hours at hospital and after sobering up, the pain kicked in. Despite the dental treatment, I've now got scars on my face and a large hole in my wallet, but I'm lucky not to have suffered worse disfigurement."

I thought it was a great idea at the time, and my flatmate jumped on my back…

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