Alcohol - Know Your Limits - Don't let a good night turn into a bad one.

A drink too far? Ever had a night when booze turned things ugly? TELL US YOUR STORIES >

Stay Safe Roll over the bottles to know your risk level…

  1. 1 drink1
  2. 2 drinks
  3. 3 drinks
  4. 4 drinks
  5. 5 drinks
  6. 6 drinks
  7. 7 drinks
  8. 8 drinks
  9. 9 drinks

You feel You risk

    • great
    • talkative
    • relaxed
    • more confident

    "I lost my wallet"

    • self-confident
    • uninhibited
    • chatty
    • unsteady

    "I let my guard down and my drink was spiked"

    • really great
    • wild and crazy
    • loud
    • energetic

    "My iPod got nicked"

    • emotional
    • speech slurred
    • poor balance
    • slow reflexes

    "I had sex and we didn't use protection"

    • scatty
    • getting tired
    • throwing up
    • angry/violent

    "I needed 15 stitches in my face"

    • can't walk
    • breathing's hard
    • wet yourself
    • can't remember

    "The drink reacted badly with everything else"

    • you could lose consciousness

    "I don't remember a thing – I could have been raped"

    • you risk falling into a coma coma

    "They rushed me to A&E and pumped my stomach"

    • you risk coma and even death

    "They found him face down in the snow"

The formula for a great night

  1. Fancy a quick one? Click for the Facts
  2. You'd have to cycle for an hour to burn the calories in a pint and a bag of crisps Cheers, I'll have another
  3. Alcohol is a major cause of heart disease, breast cancer, liver failure and... manboobs Cheers, I'll have another
  4. Alcohol is a factor in 70% of assaults, 50% of head injuries, and the main cause of regretting the night before. Cheers, I'll have another
  5. Forget Rohipnol, the UK's number one date rape drug is alcohol. Cheers, I'll have another
  6. An alcohol overdose is much more dangerous than a heroin overdose Cheers, I'll have another